Short expresso and deep thoughts. Watching Tel Avivians start their day. Already feeling like what I are before me are scenes from a film — guess my mind is preparing me for the official farewell. Love this city.

You had me at “No, facts is precisely what there is not, only interpretations. We cannot establish any facts ‘in itself’: perhaps it’s a folly to do such a thing.” But boo, you will never get out of contradicting yourself…(but that’s when you actually make sense). #Nietzsche


Problem: Cat won’t let me use the bathroom.// Hypothesis: Annoy cat by getting all up into her personal space.// Conclusions: Go back to drawing board. #CatsAreSupposeToHateWaterRight

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I spent a day and a half to experience Ramadan in Nablus, stopping briefly at Ramallah to exchange transportations. These cites are located within the West Bank, Palestinian Territories (not where the war is going on at the moment). I know I was advised not to go in but I don’t think I could leave my abroad experience in Israel without seeing the ‘other side’, even if it was only briefly. I will write more about my experience and link it soon (hopefully). Until then, know that I was safe the whole way through, that I learned a lot, that I felt I made the right move, that I was in great company, that I was lucky to celebrate Ramadan there, and that I was frankly treading a fine line between adventurous and crazy at certain points. #SorryEmbassyOfUSA


Celebrating Eid Al Fitr (last day of Ramadan) with Noor and her delicious kofte (minced meat) dish.

Peace and co-existence. #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

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When life gives you an awesome fishermen’s wharf, go take photos! Joined Ann, a wonderful Russian photography student I met at my favorite book store in Israel, for some shoots around the golden hour. (at Jaffa Port (נמל יפו))

Please bring peace to the Middle East. (at Jaffa)

Favorite flowers :)

An exceptional book. Agger helps his readers better understand (and explore more in my case) the state of people and their relationship with the world within this globally-oriented, digital, and capitalistic, but arguably not yet post-modern, era that we all live in. It was hard to put this book down; the language is very accessible and engaging. I highly recommend this book, especially for those who are curious about where our fast-paced societies will take us and our values. My edition is by Blackwell Publishing, 2004.