Bus ride interrupted, another rocket intercepted. #KeepCalmAndCarryOn


Some snapshots from an incredible weekend exploring northern Israel by car, but the better photos are yet to come on Flickr/FB. Lots of music blasted. Landscape eye candy. Mountain air. Swimming by waterfalls. Dusty buses. Kaballah synagogues and Jewish art communities in Zafat. Thanks for a great weekend, Maggie! <3

Dinner made by members of Amirim’s vegetarian colony. Everything was handmade, from the herbal lemonade to the apricot pie on the patio overlooking the Sea of Galilee. #foodbaby #amirim #vegetarian (at Amirim)

#foodbaby #vegetarian #amirim

"Where should we go?" Maggie asked. "I don’t know. Just drive." #roadtrip


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Life is a whirlwind. Time is relative. I am going on a road trip with a girl friend for the weekend and we’re tearing up northern Israel, Thelma and Louise style (take that as you wish but I’m excluding the cliff scene — if ya know what I mean).

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve uncovered my past time for journaling. I am prioritizing private whispers on pages over public blog posts. Working as a online tech journalist for about seven hours a day for four days straight is tough on the eyes and brain. You’re more likely to find me on a beach playing frisbee or going out with my new friends here than at our current flat, staring at digital screens all day.

I’ve been doing well. This past month of being abroad and adapting into a new lifestyle on my own has given me the opportunity to grow more into myself. I am experiencing very meaningful relationships with some of the people I’ve met here. I’ve picked up some Hebrew and buy groceries at the open-air marketplace. I dance whenever I hear good music being played, and I practice guitar whenever I want to procrastinate and evade my research work, photo project, updating my website, etc.

I am healing well from my bedbug incident. I unfortunately discovered that I have slight cat allergies. I like Israel’s instant coffee mix and I can eat salad here everyday. The weather is beautiful everyday and the sand at the beach is do wonderful and fine (but the jellyfish have started coming in the tide).

I need to travel more because I have grown too comfortable living in Tel Aviv. I am making plans and I have desert in my future.

I can see myself as a journalist. I can see myself as a photographer. I can also see myself as a designer. I can’t see myself as a specialist. I am already thinking about spending more time abroad, especially in my twenties. I want my own studio space someday. I want to build things from my own and continue meeting new people and growing as a person in an environment that I mesh well with.

A friend of mine has inspired me to see more of the world and travel for a few months. I am looking forward to applying some of my new outlooks to my remaining Penn education.

I miss Dresden (my bike) in Philly, but not as much as family and friends all over the US and elsewhere.

I am more than halfway through my stay here in Israel. I am living in the moment and enjoying each second for the blessing that it is.

Just another weird girl on the rooftop howling at the moon, pretending she knows how to play the guitar, with only a cat and a field of stars for company. The sweet summer breeze absorbs the world’s problems for a few minutes and planes brush past overhead. “He showed me his room, isn’t it good? Norwegian Wood…” #Beatles #TelAviv (at Ha-Tikva / שכונת התקווה)

#beatles #telaviv

#Scrapbooking: Because I can’t resist collecting cards, newspaper clippings, and need something physical to capture great memories (picking photos to print will be a struggle…)


“Design in the 21st century goes beyond adding the final sparkle to the latest gadget right before launch. The role of designers is changing and expanding; how they work, think and make will drive innovation–the engine of our economy–in the critical years ahead. Hastened by ever-changing technologies, designers have moved from creating objects–products, furniture or books–to creating ideas and change. The result is a more enlightened form of innovation, one where design, art, technology and business meet.”
— John Maeda, President of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)

#design #risd #maeda

“Without the rule of law, Hong Kong could sink into the likes of Ukraine or Thailand and all kinds of dangerous phenomena could happen.”

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Living in a place where tenants from all walks of life come and go all the time is exciting. It’s like an average year’s worth of meeting new friends is squeezed into a few months and one hardly has time to fully catch up with all of it sometimes. But falling in love with the thrill of transience sometimes brings one to bypass its virtuality and get attached to the reality of certain things. Goodbyes start to become difficult and the luster of impermanence starts to dull. Despite these circumstances, I am very glad to have met you, Debbi. You taught me a lot about life and self despite the brief (but deep) encounter I’ve had the luck of sharing with you. I wish you the best for the rest of your summer and look forward to crossing paths again in the States! :)