Peace and co-existence. #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

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When life gives you an awesome fishermen’s wharf, go take photos! Joined Ann, a wonderful Russian photography student I met at my favorite book store in Israel, for some shoots around the golden hour. (at Jaffa Port (נמל יפו))

Please bring peace to the Middle East. (at Jaffa)

Favorite flowers :)

An exceptional book. Agger helps his readers better understand (and explore more in my case) the state of people and their relationship with the world within this globally-oriented, digital, and capitalistic, but arguably not yet post-modern, era that we all live in. It was hard to put this book down; the language is very accessible and engaging. I highly recommend this book, especially for those who are curious about where our fast-paced societies will take us and our values. My edition is by Blackwell Publishing, 2004.

Sunrises to sunsets throughout Israel: Highways in the north, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, running trail to Holon. (at Israel)

» Weltschmerz

[Welsthmerz - (German) World Pain]

As an ‘outsider’ I’ve been writhing a lot lately over how hard it is to adequately and appropriately articulate my opinions over the recent conflict that’s erupted between Israel and Hamas. In fact, I’m hesitating to say too much here as all the viral bitterness that’s been circulating throughout social media only demonstrates to me that most people are not really reading critically anymore, but glazing over comments and categorizing them according to what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

To complicate matters further, what people are reading is not necessarily adequate either — and this goes for social media as well as the media. With sensitive topics like the Israeli-Palestinian tensions, it is vital to assess as many different viewpoints as possible. 

Read news from both sides as well as the international community. Try to understand how and why some of your friends on Facebook and Twitter are saying what they’re saying, especially when they are not personally Israeli/Palestinian themselves.

Sounds like a lot of work for the sake of the news?

Well, tough luck! That’s the reality of complex social problems.

The fact that so many protests have erupted around the world over these recent fights, that many comparisons between what is happening now to what’s happened in the past continues to be made, and that the US, in particular, is always affiliated with this topic, should at least ignite your curiousity to better understand what is really going on this region and why it bears any significance to you at all. 

You don’t have to be Israeli or Palestinian, Jewish or Muslim. You don’t have to make Facebook updates with your opinions You don’t have to ‘get it’. But you need to find out why this is getting under so many people’s skin, to understand why there’s a problem and what it is in your eyes. 

Where’s the injustice? What’s immoral? How? Why?

Be informed instead of relying only on others to inform you. Listen to what is said even if you disagree. Success is not in compromise but being able to understand where your opponent is coming from and still be able to walk away from it.

Value your opinion as much as others have value over their’s. Even if they’re ‘fighting words’, they only kill because someone acts upon them.

I anxiously await immediate resolve at the face of all this physical and pyschological damage inflicted on both sides (and even around the world).

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Philadelphia: Winter & Summer.

9:30AM - Sirens again. Finals interrupted. Peeved professor.

(Don’t worry, that’s just a cloud). Despite Israel agreeing to Egypt’s negotiated cease-fire, Hamas continued firing its rockets. At around 6:50PM, a rocket was intercepted over Tel Aviv but the sirens did not go off. Our bus driver immediately stopped the vehicle and told everyone to get off. Some faces looked to the sky at a small eerie smoke cloud while others stand blankly beneath some kind of protective overhang. The people are tense. Terrorism is a gradual, psychological warfare. I hope to never be part of a large crowd in panic.